Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year/2008 Wrap Up

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!! I hope 2009 brings a whole bunch of good things your way. Second, strap yourself in for a decent read because I'm about to post twice.

Two thousand and eight finished before we knew it. We were pretty busy. In between playing a whole bunch of shows we were putting
together a live CD/DVD which we put out at the start of December. It's got tracks on there from our first EP as well as new songs we've been playing live. Check out some cuts on YouTube and Myspace and hopefully you'll like it.

The end of last year was also the time for a lot of behind the scenes work that you won't see for a while; like writing, planning 2009 and generally changing things up. When we hit the stage again in '09 we'll be sounding different. Not ridiculously different but different in a really good way. There will also be the introduction of a stupidly good drum kit. Check out John's post about it, he's obsessed.

So what to expect this year? We'll be touring a lot. Around Australia and we'll probably be making a trip overseas as well. We'll also definitely be heading into the studio to record new tracks. So if you're tired of us only having four tracks on record then 2009 is going to change that.

Apart from all that the main point of this post is to say a massive thank you to YOU!! Thank you so much for being a part of our music in 2008. We love making music but it loses its meaning without people to play it to.
This coming year we hope we can write new songs that you can get excited about and we hope we can put on shows that are better than ever before. We'll see you soon.

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