Friday, May 23, 2008

I am one neglectful blogger

Hey everyone

I must apologise for the serious lack of blogging lately.  I don't have much of an excuse so I won't try to make one up.  

Anyway, we've been very busy as of late.  First off, I want to make official mention of Fergus joining the band.  He's been with us for almost two months now and we're really happy to have him on board.  

We've had a lot of fun playing some really different shows.  We played a really cool gig at QPAC the other week.  It was outside and all ages and was a really good night.  Thanks to everyone who came along.  Just last night we played an acoustic show - the second one we've ever played.  It's really cool to strip everything back and rely completely on the songs to entertain.  For those who were there we hope you enjoyed the set.

Our rehearsal schedule has been working overtime recently.  We've got new arrangements for our existing songs and some new songs are on the way.  We'll announce on when they'll be played for the first time so keep an eye out.  

That's all the news for now.  Hope you've all had a good week and I hope you have an awesome weekend.  Until next time, enjoy yourselves.