Thursday, November 27, 2008

Live and Local with 4ZzZfm

I'm writing this just after having recorded a live set for 4ZzZfm's Live and Local show. It's airing on Saturday 13 December. Big thanks to Robyn and Joe for having us along. The set was a whole lot of fun. We played a couple of acoustic numbers in there as well to mix things up. So tune in to 102.1fm if you're in Brisbane on Saturday 13 December to hear the set between 6 and 7pm. Turn your radio up loud!!!

This is a video I shot of John soundchecking his drums before I had to lock myself away in the isolation booth of solitude.

Remember, we're launching our live CD/DVD next Saturday 6 December at The Globe. It'll be even more awesome if you make it to the show. Love to see you then.

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