Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Songwriting Solitude: Week 2

Ironically I am actually writing this while in Brisbane. I'm back in town for a gig and we have a couple of rehearsals scheduled as well.

Anyway, I've hit week two of my songwriting sojourn and, to be honest, not all that much has changed. But in saying that, considering I'm doing nothing other than writing songs that surely isn't much of a surprise.

In order to post the previous blog as well as receive emails etc, instead of trekking outside into the world and going to an internet cafe, I decided to buy some "hotspot" wireless. A couple of things about it: (1) it's ridiculously expensive; (2) incredibly unreliable - it just decides sometimes it wants to drop out; (3) really really slow - and considering that it's really expensive and pay by the hour its slowness is even more frustrating; (4) refuses to upload anything - one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to get internet was so that I could send some demo mp3s to my bandmates to have a listen to, so by not being able to upload attachments that essentially ruins that plan. In short, my whole internet experience while being away has been quite traumatic (I've found that everything seems takes on a heightened sense of drama when you're by yourself for any extended period of time).

The other frustrating (but not entirely surprising) thing that occurred this week was that John literally would not answer his phone nor return any phonecalls for the entire week. Now I'll qualify this by explaining that when calling John you probably have a 1 in 28 chance of him answering (that being arrived at by the estimation that if you were to call him everyday for a month he would answer once). This probability is significantly increased if (a) he just sent you a text message; or (b) you're calling him back, but even then your odds aren't looking good. He would probably argue that the odds are significantly decreased if (a) "you're Butler" (in other words you're me); or (b) he left his phone somewhere (which is a frequent occurrence). The only problem with this is that usually I can email but considering my lack of internet this week my only way of obtaining information was via the phone.

Okay enough about that.

I've been slightly less productive this week but by the time I posted the blog last week it'd been slightly more than a week so one of those songs should probably be filed under "week 2" but that's splitting hairs. Anyway, I've written one more and the name of it is:


And, while it's almost impossible to tell, particularly considering I just wrote it, it might be my favourite new song so far.

As promised, now that I can upload, here's the video and photos I was going to post last time.

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