Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm not absolutely certain whether this warrants a blog. I mean at what point do you stop counting. But anyway, sometime early this morning we hit 100,000 plays on myspace. Thank you to everyone for listening!! Hopefully you're not too sick of the songs by now. We can promise that sometime this year we will have a new record out and you can listen to new songs to your heart's content.

But back to the 100,000 thing. I was up kind of late last night sending emails when I noticed that we were on something like 99,942 plays or something. I immediately realised this as one of those moments exactly like when your car's odometer is about to tick over to a cool number of kilometres - you know it's about to happen but you have almost no chance of witnessing it. Late last year my car hit 200,000 and despite the fact that I was in heavy heavy traffic crawling along the M1 I somehow managed to look down at 200,002. I was somewhat devastated. The same thing happened last night. So close to the 100,000 mark but unless I was prepared to stay up all night refreshing our myspace page I was going to miss it. Read, it was not something I was prepared to stay up all night for.

Thank you again. I'll blog again at some other milestone. I'm not sure when that should or will be. Maybe everytime a zero gets added. So that would be 1,000,000.


TiteMaud said...

Woohoo! \o/

Blue said...

Best of luck with your writing your set up in the apartment seems perfect enough to get some work done. Thanks for blogging this it's a great thing to stumble upon. A side note, I want your pedal board.